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2 things to do while quarantining!

During the current pandemic many are out of work, consequently causing a setback in finances and the ability to pay for bills and everyday necessities. A couple (not immediate) solutions to elevate your financial situation over a period of time are to learn a new skill that you could monetize or start an essential business. 

            A Few examples as follows:

  1. Learning a New Language

  2. Basic House & Car Repairs

  3. Learn to Invest & Trade Money

  4. Evaluate your surroundings and brainstorm what services are in need and start a business to supply the demand. (Virtual Fitness Instructor, Meal Preps,Freelance Photographer & Videographer, etc)

Another thing you could easily manage to do which is just as valuable as starting a business is checking up on family and friends you haven't heard from in a while. One of the cons to living everyday life is the constant forward motion, which causes us to become busy and lose touch with loved ones. Take a peek at your calendar and find ways to get in touch. One of the more popular waves have been to start interactive group zoom meetings: creating a space for family and friends to make new memories. 



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